TCDLA and TCDLEI Hurricane Harvey lawyers Assistance fund

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Thank you for donating to our fellow criminal defense lawyers in their time of need. Many of them have
suffered devastating losses to their homes and offices. TCDLA has several options for you to donate. You may send a monetary contribution or mail gift cards. The intent is to help these criminal defense attorneys to continue their law practice while recovering from the damage caused by this historic storm. Many will struggle for an extended period of time to rebuild their lives.

Monetary Contributions | Donation Form
All money received will be forwarded to TCDLEI to assist lawyers from the Harvey-affected regions. Donations will be used to defray costs of continuing legal education through scholarships and to replace lost legal publications and educational materials. Donations are tax deductible, and a receipt will be sent. 
(instructions below)
Mail check to: 6808 Hill Meadow Drive, Austin, Texas 78736
Call 512.478.2514 with credit card information (mention you are donating to the Harvey Relief Fund)
Fax form to 512.469.0512

Gift Cards
Gift cards are welcomed in any denomination from 
Office Depot, Staples, Amazon, VISA, Target, or other major stores. The gift cards will be distributed through our local affiliates in the Harvey-affected areas to criminal defense attorneys in need. Mail gift cards to TCDLA at 6808 Hill Meadow Drive, Austin, TX 78736. 

PayPal Instructions

1. Click 
Send & Request at the top of the page.
2. Select friends and family
Enter TCDLA Controller whom you are sending money.
4. Enter the amount you want to send and click Continue.
5. Review and confirm the information on the screen and click Send Money Now.

Thank you for your generous donation and support.


David Moore
TCDLA President

TCDLA Mission Statement
The purpose of TCDLA is to protect and ensure by rule of law those individual rights guaranteed by the Texas and Federal Constitutions in criminal cases; to resist the constant efforts which are now being made to curtail such rights: to encourage cooperation between lawyers engaged in the furtherance of such objectives though educational programs and other assistance; and through such cooperation, education and assistance to promote justice and the common good. 

TCDLEI Mission Statement
The Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Educational Institute is committed to ensuring the fair administration of justice in Texas through the continuing legal education of criminal defense lawyers and their staff.