Board Membership

Application for Board Membership

Note: You should receive email notification from Melissa Schank that your application has been received. If you have not received this, please call the home office, at 512-478-2514, to verify that it has.

Any member of TCDLA in good standing who desires to submit application to serve on the TCDLA Board of Directors should fill out the form (above) or call the home office for a copy and forward it to TCDLA at 6808 Hill Meadow Dr., Austin, TX 78736, or fax it to 512-469-9107 before 5:00 pm on November 2nd.

The nominations committee will meet in Austin to consider applications nominating new board members on Saturday of the December board meeting. TCDLA Bylaws, Art. IX § 2: “Prior to January 31st of each year, the President-Elect shall appoint a Nominations Committee consisting of one member from each of the Association’s membership areas and all officers. . . . The Nominations Committee shall meet, and the members present shall select its nominee(s) for those positions in the Association which are open for election or reelection.


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