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July 4th Readings

The Readings will take place on Friday, July 3rd, this year. More organizers are needed! Email Robb Fickman,, or call him at (713) 655-7400 if you want to participate. You can see pictures and details about previous years' events here.

Michael Morton Act:
The Cost of Compliance

TCDLA General Counsel Patricia Cummings sent out this news release statewide concerning the study on the Michael Morton Act Cost of Compliance. Here is the actual study to peruse.

President's Message

Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor

Had you been standing around at the State House in Philadelphia on July 8, 1776, you would have been among the first to hear those words from our nation’s birth certificate read aloud in public. You would have heard loud shouts, huzzas, firing of muskets and bells (including the “liberty bell”) ringing all day throughout the city. Thus began our tradition of Fourth of July celebrations. (Continue reading here.) 

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Voice for the Defense

23 | ’If DNA, Then Guilty’: Strategies for Overcoming Juror Assumptions About DNA Evidence in Criminal Trials—By Christina T. Kline, Demosthenes Lorandos & Michael Spence

31 | Win Through Emotion, Not Facts!—By John J. Eastland

34 | Jury Trial of Dzhokhar “Johar” Tsarnaev—Day 27—opening statement—By Judy Clarke

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DWI Defense Project
May 1, 2015
Arlington, TX
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New Attorney Reporting Requirements

Reporting portal now live -

HB 1318 requires both attorneys and counties beginning this October to report new information to the Texas Indigent Defense Commission regarding the caseloads of attorneys who accept public appointmentsThe information will allow policymakers to make better decisions on the best way to manage their appointment processes. It should also benefit the bar by raising awareness of the work attorneys do and help identify situations in which low pay may be creating pressures on some defense attorneys to accept more cases than they can reasonably handle. It may also help pinpoint places where the wheel system may not be working as designed and further investigation may be warranted to ensure that appointments are being made in a fair, neutral, and nondiscriminatory manner. The bill requires the following:

An attorney appointed under this article shall: … not later than October 15 of each year and on a form prescribed by the Texas Indigent Defense Commission, submit to the county information, for the preceding fiscal year, that describes the percentage of the attorney's practice time that was dedicated to work based on appointments accepted in the county under this article and Title 3, Family Code.

More information is available here. Click here for a copy of the Attorney Reporting Instructions and Form. Click here for a copy of the Optional Attorney Practice-Time Reporting Worksheet. Additional information will be forthcoming as the October implementation date approaches.