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The 2016 Readings Video

To view a slideshow of many pictures from the Fourth of July Readings of the Declaration of Independence, go here.

President's Message

Numero Tres

I was thinking about what I wanted to convey to you in my president’s message as I watched the Olympics wrapping up in Rio. Like most of you, I was enthralled by the games. As the athletes’ nervous anticipation turned into joy or heartbreak, one thing stood out most vividly to me. (Continue reading here.)

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Voice for the Defense

23 | The Warrior’s Discovery Toolbox—By Chris Hesse

29 | Are You Thinking About Cyber Security?—By Clinton Henry

32 | In Defense of Authenticity—By Brian Schmidt

35 | Misdemeanor Murder!—By 
Judge Pat Priest 

39 | Look Here: 4th Amendment Musings—Compiled by Sarah Roland 

Featured Events

Advanced Skills Training—Discovering the Story
October 5–8: Roundtop, TX
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14th Annual Forensics
October 13–14: Houston, TX
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12th Annual Stuart Kinard Memorial Advanced DWI Seminar
November 3–4: San Antonio, TX
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