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The Dobbs decision has changed the landscape of criminal exposure related to reproductive health for women and the people in their lives, health care providers, employers and others in our community.  So that we can be best prepared to defend the individual or business investigated for or accused of crimes in the wake of Dobbs, TCDLA President Heather Barbieri has created a task force to address the evolving issues in criminal law and related forensic science, evidence collection and search and seizure issues affected by Dobbs.  We will continue to update our resources page, offer training and highlight any legislation affecting this rapidly changing are of the law.  If you have resources, briefing, motions or other materials you feel would be valuable to our members in defending post Dobbs criminal investigations or charges, please contact Melissa Schank at


TCDLA Statement  

Letter to Sidley Attorneys from Texas Freedom Caucus
A Trump-appointed Texas judge could force a major abortion pill off the market
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While the first day of hearings focused on women’s emotional testimony, the second featured legal fireworks.
Read in VICE:  
Letter Cox v. St. of Tex., Cause No. D-1-G-23-008611, pending in the 200th Judicial District Court, Travis County, Texas

Current Laws & Bills

Heartbeat Bill
Trigger Law  
Judgement in Dobbs issued 7/26/2022 per Supreme Court Opinion
Abortion Law in Texas


Brief of National Advocates for Pregnant Women
Amicus Curiae Letter Brief of Numerous State Senators and State Representatives
Direct Sales Co. v. U.S.
Dobbs Presenter Brief


Hospital Investigated for Allegedly Denying an Emergency Abortion After Patient's Water Broke 

When is it Client/Attorney Privilege?
The New Abortion Battleground
HIPPA v Dobbs
3 Abortion Bans in Texas Leave Doctors 'Talking in Code' to Pregnant Patients
A Texas Man Sues Ex-Wife's Friends for Allegedly Helping Her Get Abortion Pills
Doctors will get legal cover for some emergency abortions under new Texas law


The Sissy Farenthold Reproductive Justice Defense Project at the University of Texas School of Law provides legal information and other resources for lawyers, medical professionals, and reproductive justice and advocacy organizations who represent or support those who face criminal or other carceral consequences for pregnancy related outcomes. The project tracks criminal charges, prosecutions, and civil suits in Texas related to pregnancy and abortion and is part of a nationwide tracking project researching prosecutions involving pregnancy and pregnancy-related outcomes.

Currently pregnant Texans are being charged with Endangering/Abandoning a Child or Injury to a Child due to substance use during pregnancy, even though section 22.12 of the Penal Code prohibits these prosecutions.

If you have represented someone in the past or are currently representing someone charged with a pregnancy-related crime, please email us at

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