2019-2020 | Kerri Anderson Donica 

Kerri Anderson Donica served as president of TCDLA during 2019-2020.  The highlight of her term was the COVID-19 pandemic which completely changed how we practice law and how we live our lives.  Kerri opined that as she passed over 8 months into her presidency that the year had been incredibly smooth. How wrong could one gal be?

Kerri’s President’s Trip was a Caribbean cruise during February 2020.  At check-in, all cruisers were being asked if they’d traveled to China recently.  This was clearly a foreshadowing of what was to come.  By March, everything shut down – including courts.  Seminars became virtual events and we could no longer gather together.Kerri is most proud of the COVID-19 task force she formed, led so ably by Clay Steadman.  This task force did a truly incredible job of providing resources for criminal defense lawyers around the state during this crazy, unusual season in our history.
Kerri would also highlight the brilliant leadership of TCDLA’s CEO, Melissa Schank.  Without Melissa’s direction, TCDLA would not be the incredibly successful organization it’s become.