2013 Bobby Mims 

Bobby Mims was elected president in 2013. During his tenure, Bobby saw the passage of the Michael Morton Act, and he worked to ensure that the tenets of the bill were applied evenly throughout the state. The association would like to think that this ushers in a new area of open discovery in Texas. Bobby's greatest efforts in the legislature began in the previous year, coming to fruition in 2013. As he says: "I am most proud of defeating the reciprocal discovery provision sought by the prosecutors over anything that we did. The Morton Act without reciprocal discovery is a powerful tool for the defense and for Texans."

Another big step was taken this year, in the hiring of Patricia Cummings to act as a full-time liaison with the Texas Legislature. There have been indications from the prosecutors in the state that they would like to roll back some provisions of the Michael Morton Act, and the association saw the need to hire full-time help to fight for TCDLA interests in the legislature.

Also during his tenure, Bobby signed an agreement with the National College for DUI Defense to continue co-sponsoring the popular seminar Mastering Scientific Evidence in DWI/DUI Cases in New Orleans each year.