2011 J. Gary Trichter 

After winning a direct election of the membership, Gary Trichter spoke of a presidency that emphasized greater inclusion of all members. To that end, committees were reorganized and new ones added, including an ethics committee.

Throughout his term, Gary encouraged members to become involved, whether as speakers at seminars, committee members, or as authors of articles for the Voice.

A closer relationship with the State Bar of Texas was facilitated by the ascension of Buck Files to its presidency, and an alliance with Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyer College led to a Texas version of the popular Psychodrama seminar.

The oft-repeated refrain from previous administrations was echoed in this quote from Gary: “
For the defense lawyer, it must not be all about winning, but how the justice system played—was the trial fair?

During his term, Gary also introduced inspirational readings to open up board meetings, often in keeping with the patriotic sentiment he often expressed in his columns. Above all, Gary is a student of history.