2010 William Harris 

William Harris presided during a contentious period in association history, with a contested election that spawned rancorous feeling. Bill advocated from his first column for common courtesy—beginning with relations between members but extending to adversaries in the justice system, even those who might not respond in kind. That said, Bill later wrote, “Our task is to speak truth to power, even if power is seriously hearing impaired.

With an eye to the upcoming legislative session, Bill championed several proposed bills, including one involving expunction of arrest records and another on discovery. During his term, Bill also advocated for public defenders, who, he said, “must have an adequate rate of compensation, adequate support staff commiserate with the support staff afforded the prosecution, adequate physical facilities and benefits, and reasonable caseloads.

Bill also presided over a period of association belt-tightening, as more cost-efficient—and technologically advanced—practices were introduced.