2000 | Robert Hinton

Robert Hinton became president. 

Bob Hinton had two main goals when he became president of TCDLA in 2000. The first goal was to continue to aid in the growth of TCDLA. Bob focused on attaining a larger membership base and sought to have 3,000 members by June of 2001. His second goal was to support Keith Hampton and Allen Place as fully as possible during the 2000 legislative year. Bob truly believed that TCDLA as an organization could establish a voice to be heard in the legislature and the criminal courts throughout the state of Texas. Bob’s focus on increasing TCDLA membership stemmed from his belief that through more membership TCDLA could inevitably enhance any legislative efforts and credibility. During his Bob’s presidency, TCDLA grew as an organization and had a tremendously successful legislative year with the help of Keith, Allen, and TCDLA members that spent ample time promoting TCDLA’s goals.

Bob Hinton faced many challenges during his year as president and was with TCDLA when it saw many changes, including the election of President George W. Bush. Bob dedicated himself to TCDLA’s goals of representing the people actively seeking to improve law, courts, and individual competence in criminal defense cases.