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Listserve Committee

The TCDLA Listserver Committee will strive to offer the membership of TCDLA a listserver that is functional for the members uses and purposes, which may include: (1) formats that are user friendly and functional; (2) archiving of past posts for future research; (3) a high signal to noise ratio through the minimization of unnecessary chatter; (4) the ability for members to send and receive attachments -- without arbitrary size limitations that are insufficient to make the listserver robust; (5) a clear set of rules and guidelines that are evenly and consistently enforced in ways that do not needlessly embarrass members publicly; (6) moderators that can and will help to achieve the goals of the listserver; (7) an off-list mechanism for members to make suggestions and air complaints about the listserver; (8) a program to increase the number and ratio of members who use and contribute to the listserver; (9) assurance in the security of the listserver so that only TCDLA members and those whose presence will benefit members are part of the listserver; and (10) such other items as are beneficial to the goals of the listserver.

Committee MembersPosition
Jeep Darnell
310 N Mesa St Ste 212 El Paso, TX 79901-1301
P: (915) 532-2442
F: (915) 532-4549
Term Ends: 06/18/2022