Voice for the Defense Magazine

The Voice for the Defense (ISSN 0364-2232) magazine is published 10 times a year with combined issues for January/February and July/August by the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association Inc., 6808 Hill Meadow Dr., Austin, Texas 78736. Printed in the USA. Periodical postage paid in Austin, Texas.

Non-member subscription is $75 annually. Members receive a Voice for the Defense subcription as part of their annual membership fees (basic subscription rate of $40 annually).

The objective of the magazine is to educate and improve communication within the criminal defense community among TCDLA members. Through practical information, we assist our readers in their day-to-day practice of law. Articles which draw from experience and adequately substantiated with concise case references are our preferred content.

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The Voice for the Defense welcomes submissions for publications. We do, however, expect authors to write in a clear, professional manner, using correct grammar, citation forms, etc. If you decide to submit an article to the Voice, please adhere to our guidelines for writing a Voice article.

Statements and opinions published in the Voice for the Defense are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the position of TCDLA. No material may be reprinted without prior approval and proper credit to the magazine.

Article Request Form 
Copies of articles are available at $5.00 per article. If you would like a copy of an article(s) please complete the article request form. Contact chattersley@tcdla.com