Hall of Fame


The criteria and rules for selection to the TCDLA Hall of Fame are as follows:

Nominations of the Hall of Fame Candidates

Sec. 1. Nomination. Any lawyer may nominate a qualified lawyer for membership in the Hall of Fame who meets the following criteria:

  1. Minimum of thirty (30) years has elapsed since engaging in active practice of law or the candidate is deceased
  2. Substantial commitment to defense of persons accused of crimes on appeal or trial, not to be based solely on won-lost record or publicity, but in court excellence; and
  3. Significant contributions to the profession.

Sec. 2. Investigation of Nominees. The investigation of the nominee shall be under the direction of a director from the membership district in which the nominee resides. That director shall submit to the TCDLA Hall of Fame Committee a full investigation report at the committee meeting.

Sec. 3. Procedure.
 The Hall of Fame Committee shall, by unanimous decision, vote to submit a nomination to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors by three-quarters majority by members present and voting at a board meeting may elect a nominee to the Hall of Fame.


John E. Ackerman, Sunrise Beach, 2004 | click here for interview
Richard Alan Anderson, Dallas, 2013 | click here for interview
Shirley Baccus-Lobel, Dallas, 2016 | click here for interview
Roy Barrera Sr., San Antonio, 2008 | click here and here for interview
Betty Blackwell, 2017 | click here for interview
David L. Botsford, Austin, 2014 | click here for interview
Clifford W. Brown, Lubbock, 1990*
Burton S. Burks, Grandbury, 1983*
Phil Burleson, Dallas, 1996*
Warren Burnett, Odessa, 1989*
Charles D. Butts, San Antonio, 2011* | click here for interview
Lucien Campbell, San Antonio, 2010*
Lydia Clay-Jackson, Conroe, 2024|click here for interview
George Cochran, Fort Worth, 1983*
Emmett Colvin, Dallas, 1988*
Roland E. Dahlin II, Houston, 2012
Mark G. Daniel, Ft. Worth, 2021 | click here for interview
Jim Darnell, El Paso, 2020 | click here for interview
Dick DeGuerin, Houston, 2004 | click here for interview
Thomas H. Dent, Galveston, 1984
R. Temple Dickson II, Sweetwater, 1985*
Rusty Duncan, Denton, 2003*
Hon. Fred Erisman, Longview, 1983*
C. David Evans, San Antonio, 2013*
Tim Evans, Fort Worth, 2007 |click here for interview
click  Shuford Farmer, Waco, 1983*
F. R. "Buck" Files, Tyler, 2011
Carroll Edward Florence Sr., Gilmer, 1985*
George Leslie Florence, Gilmer, 1985*
Percy Foreman, Houston, 1983*
C. Anthony Friloux, Houston, 1986*
Fidencio G. Garza Sr., Edinburg, 1986*
Michael P. Gibson, Dallas, 2015 | click 
here for interview
Gerry Goldstein, San Antonio, 2002 | click here for interview
Joe Goodwin, Beaumont, 1989*
Ronald L. Goranson, Dallas, 2014 | click here for interview
William Gray, Houston, 1997*
William T. Habern, Houston, 2016 | click here for interview
John Richard “Billy” Hall, Littlefield, 1985*
Theodore A. Hargrove III, San Angelo, 2023
Richard Haynes, Houston, 1988* | click here and here for interviews
Michael Heiskell, Fort Worth, 2015 | click here for interview
Theodore Patrick Henley, San Antonio, 1983*
Roland Hill Jr., Fort Worth 1985*
Robert C. Hinton Jr., Dallas 2019  | click here for interview
Weldon Holcomb, Tyler 1992* | click here and here for interviews
Clifton “Scrappy” Holmes, Longview, 2007* | click here for interview
Maury Hughes, Dallas, 1983*
Daniel W. Hurley, Lubbock, 2018 | click here for interview
G. Brockett Irwin, Longview, 1983*
Frank Jackson, Dallas, 2018 | click here for interview
Knox Jones, McAllen, 2002*
Luther Jones, Corpus Christi, 1983*
Perry Jones, Austin, 1987*
Will Justice, Tyler, 1983*
Jeff Kearney, Fort Worth, 2015 | click here for interview
Hon. Nettie Joe Kegans, Houston, 1997*
Stuart Kinard, Austin, 2009*
George F. Luquette, Houston, 2013*
Edward Mallett, Houston, 2016 | click here for interview
Hon. Frank Maloney, Austin, 2002 | click here for interview
Hon. Byron Mathews, Fort Worth, 1983*
Charles M. McDonald, Clifton, 2012*
Dusty Miller, Amarillo, 1983*
George R. Milner, Dallas, 2006 | click here for interview
Bobby D. Mims, Tyler, 2023
Roy Q. Minton, Austin, 2013
Tyrone Moncriffe, Houston, 2022 | click here for interview
E. G. "Gerry" Morris, Austin, 2017 | click here for interview
Anthony Nicholas, San Antonio, 2008* | click here for interview
Cynthia Orr, San Antonio, 2022
Welby Parish, Gilmer, 1987*
Vincent "Vee" Perini, Dallas, 2019 | click here for interview
Les Procter, Austin, 2002*
Michael Ramsey, Houston, 2010* | click here for interview
Dallas Scarborough, Abilene, 1985*
Katherine Scardino, 2017 | click here for interview
Stanley G. Schneider, Houston, 2014
Mac Secrest, Houston, 2019 | click here for interview
Anees A. Semaan, San Antonio, 1983*
Fred A. Semaan, San Antonio, 1983*
Travis Shelton, Lubbock, 2005*
Mark Stevens, San Antonio, 2021 | click here for interview
Charles W. Tessmer, Dallas, 1988*
Richard Thornton, Galveston, 1987*
J. Douglas Tinker, Corpus Christi, 2002*
Martin Underwood, Comstock, 2018 | click here for interview
Bill Wischkaemper, Lubbock, 2020 | click here for interview

Philip Wischkaemper, Lubbock, 2024