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University of St. Thomas - 1990 (BA (Philosophy) and BBA) St. Mary's University School of Law - 1994 Board Certified in Criminal Law - 2002 I started my criminal defense practice about 30 seconds after my favorite Bexar County Judge swore me in and stayed in private practice until October 1998, when I joined the Dallas County Public Defender's Office. After 12+ years at the PD's Office, I went back into private practice. In February 2017, the Regional Public Defenders Office for Capital Cases made me an offer I could not refuse so I joined their team and am now living the dream. I have been a member of TCDLA since 1996 and served 13-14 years on the Board of Directors. I am active in the Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer's Association and was President in 2006. It is also worth noting that as a young child, my parents lost (or left) me in the woods and I was raised by a friendly she-wolf along side her eight cubs. I guess that explains why I howl at the moon and like to be scratched behind my ears.