Rusty Duncan Criminal Law Advance Seminar 

June 24-26, 2021



The Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association is proud to announce its 33rd Annual Rusty Duncan Advanced Criminal Law Course. Named for the late Honorable M.P. “Rusty” Duncan III of the Court of Criminal Appeals, this course is designed to cover state law and scholarly topics as well as cases from the past year that impact your practice today.

Rusty Duncan Honorable M. P. “Rusty” Duncan III

Honorable Maurice Palmer “Rusty” Duncan III (1945–1990)
  • Private Law Practice, Denton, Texas
  • Board Certified in Criminal Law
  • Chair, State Bar’s Committee on the Study of the Insanity Defense in Texas, 1982–1983;
  • Co-Chair, State Bar's Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Committee from 1982–1984;
  • Member, Senate Committee on Development of a Criminal Code of Evidence, 1983 –1984;
  • Editor, Voice for the Defense, 1984–1987;
  • Judge, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, 1987–1990.

Noteworthy Opinions: Meraz v. State, 785 S.W.2d 146 (Tex.Crim.App. 1990) (factual sufficiency review of affirmative defenses); Ladner v. State, 780 S.W.2d 247 (Tex.Crim.App. 1989) (Penal Code requirement that officers knew their conduct was unlawful at time offense was perpetrated was not rendered superfluous by legislative enactment); Harris v. State, 790 S.W.2d 568 (Tex.Crim.App. 1989) (setting forth guidelines for harmless error review)