TCDLA Affiliate Benefits

TCDLA can assist local affiliate bars with a vast array of services. If you are interested in getting started with one of the services below, contact We also have a dedicated website for Affiliates with contact information—link is located on the main page of TCDLA’s website.


  • Hosting a CLE event in your area: Legislative, Morton, etc.
  • Co-sponsoring a full day or two-hour CLE
  • TCDLA can provide assistance with AV, CLE, and materials


  • Help your local bar recruit members
  • List your local CLE or events on TCDLA‘s calendar of events on our website
  • Assist with creating brochures, posters and registration forms
  • Create blast email templates
  • Create a website
  • Create a listserve
  • Fax and email blast cosponsored events to your area
  • List cosponsored events in the Voice
  • Recognize Affiliate Local Criminal Defense Bars in the Voice
  • Name recognition on commercial shown at over 45 CLE events
  • List your president and contact information on Affiliate Bar page with your website and bylaws
  • Send articles to to highlight your local criminal defense bar.
  • Special logo for TCDLA affiliates


Just as the Strike Force is available to help individual attorneys when they are facing challenges in their jurisdiction, TCDLA should be ready to assist our affiliate organizations when there are policies in that jurisdiction that are unjust or need to be challenged. TCDLA should be willing to act as the buffer and the big brother for our affiliates in these circumstances.


TCDLA Affiliates

  • Affiliates will receive a certificate
  • TCDLA hosts an annual meeting at Rusty Duncan for all local bars to get together and network
  • TCDLA has a listserve for local bars to communicate


  • Provide accurate contact info for current and incoming presidents—send to
  • Provide accurate website information
  • Provide current copy of bylaws