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Jo Ann Linzer is a Board Certified Criminal Lawyer and has tried over 100 cases to a Texas jury. She has handled tens of thousands of criminal cases. She has built a reputation as a confident, determined and aggressive attorney. Her positive reputation has taken over 15 years to build. She worked for 10 years in the corporate world before attending Law School and graduating with honors. During law school she interned at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. Upon graduation she went to Austin and worked as an Assistant Attorney General under Greg Abbott before beginning a career as a prosecutor. Over 15 years she has worked through the ranks as a Texas Prosecutor in large and small district attorney’s offices where she: • Was assigned cases ranging from Driving While Intoxicated and Assault to Aggravated Sexual Assault and Murder • Worked in the Family Violence Unit - a specialized unit focused on domestic violence cases • Worked as a Chief Felony Prosecutor (Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office) • Worked as the First Assistant District Attorney (Grimes County District Attorney’s Office) • Was recognized for her dedication to teaching other lawyers earning her the Texas District and County Attorney’s Association Chris C. Marshall Award • Tried over 100 cases to a jury