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David was the 1993 recipient of the "Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year" -- now referred to as the "Percy Foreman Lawyer of the Year" --and has been practicing criminal law since August 1978 (when he left a one year clerkship with Judge Truman Roberts of the Court of Criminal Appeals). He has practiced law with former TCDLA Presidents Emmett Colvin and Frank Maloney. He has been board certified in criminal law since 1983 and board certified in criminal appellate law since 2011 when that certification was first created. He has also been listed in Best Lawyers in America since 1995 in the areas of white collar, non-white collar and appellate law. His Austin practice focuses on complex litigation, state and federal, including pre-trial, trial and post-trial matters. He is a Past President of TCDLA (1996-1997), and is a frequent author and lecturer on state and federal criminal law matters. In June 2014, David was inducted into the TCDLA Hall of Fame.