Corrections & Parole

Monitor the policies, procedures, legislation, court decisions, and activities related to Texas prisons and parole; report to TCDLA members and executive staff on new developments in those areas; and advise the executive staff when the Committee believes significant issues related to prison or parole call for formal resolutions, legislation, comments on proposed legislation, or other comments in the name of TCDLA.
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William T. Habern
1103 Harvard St Houston, TX 77008-6938
P: (713) 942-2376
F: (832) 649-2085
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David P. O'Neil
3700 N Main St Houston, TX 77009-5428
P: (713) 863-9400
F: (832) 879-2185
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Committee Member
Nancy Bunin
501 Gale St Houston, TX 77009-2716
P: (832) 993-1055
F: (936) 521-6721
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