Amicus Curiae Brief

TCDLA's Amicus Curiae Brief Committee aims to provide amicus assistance in both state and federal courts in cases that present issues of importance to criminal defendants, criminal defense lawyers, and the criminal justice system as a whole, in a manner consistent with TCDLA's fundamental purpose of protecting and ensuring the individual rights guaranteed by the Texas and Federal Constitutions in criminal cases. It is the Committee's goal to maintain and enhance the positive impact of TCDLA on the criminal justice system at both the State and national level.
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Allison Barbara Clayton
PO Box 64752 Lubbock, TX 79464-4752
P: (806) 773-6889
F: (888) 688-4515
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Committee Member
David A. Schulman
1801 E 51st St Ste 365-474 Austin, TX 78723-3434
P: (512) 474-4747
F: (512) 532-6282
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