Affiliate Committee

The Affiliate Criminal Defense Bar Committee seeks to promote the establishment of local county and/or city criminal defense bar associations in order to promote the mission of TCDLA at the grass roots level. This committee will also advise and assist members who seek to form and/or strengthen their organizations by providing pro forma by-laws and organization materials. Additionally, this committee will work with the Criminal Defense Lawyers Project Committee to coordinate criminal law seminars held in all areas of the state in conjunction with TCDLA affiliates which are seeking to stimulate growth of the local organizations and thereby growth to TCDLA. The Committee will advise the officers and staff of TCDLA on methods to establish clear lines of communication between TCDLA and local affiliate organizations in order to insure that the state organization is cognizant and responsive to the concerns of the local membership.
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 905 Front St Richmond, TX 77469-4439
P: (281) 529-5472
F: (281) 239-7627
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Mark S. Snodgrass
1011 13th Street Lubbock, TX 79401-4032
P: (806) 762-0267
F: (806) 762-0277
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Susan E. Anderson
PO Box 2097 Lubbock, TX 79408-2097
P: (806) 775-1520
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Laurie L. Key
1213 Avenue K Lubbock, TX 79401-4025
P: (806) 632-5779
F: (806) 771-3935
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Carmen M. Roe
440 Louisiana St Ste 900 Houston, TX 77002-4205
P: (713) 236-7755
F: (713) 236-7756
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Committee Member
Charmaine Wilde
133 W San Antonio St Ste 400 San Marcos, TX 78666-9924
P: (512) 392-7510
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Melissa Schank
6808 Hill Meadow Dr Austin, TX 78736-1948
P: (512) 646-2724
F: (512) 469-0512
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